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Live Greatly

Dec 28, 2020

"Today is the best day ever."  In this podcast episode Kristel Bauer has an inspiring and empowering conversation with Sean Swarner about embracing life and living in the moment. Sean Swarner is a two-time terminal-cancer survivor who has dedicated his life to helping others reach their full potential.  Sean shares the formula that he believes helped him overcome his cancer diagnoses,  the power of mindfulness, and what success means to him.  Tune in for inspirational and motivational content to help you on your wellness journey!   Sean created CancerClimber with his brother in 2001, a nonprofit organization that pays for and travels with cancer survivors to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Sean’s passion for climbing and adventure blossomed after becoming the first cancer survivor to summit Mount Everest. He is also the only person to complete the World Ironman Championship and the Explorers Grand Slam, which entails climbing the summits across all 7 continents and reaching both North and South Poles. Sean Swarner is a philanthropist, author, and keynote speaker. From executives of Fortune 500 companies, such as Unilever and IBM, to students and the New York Giants, his leadership workshops, documentary “True North: The Sean Swarner Story”, inspirational keynotes, and book series 7 Summits to Success have inspired and won the hearts of millions to redefine their own impossible. His story has been shared on The Steve Harvey Show, CBS Evening News, The Today Show, and Good Morning America.  Learn more at  Kristel Bauer PA-C is a wellness expert, female entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Founder of Live Greatly, and Podcast Host sharing a unique and inspiring message with the world.  As an Integrative Medicine Fellow, Physician Assistant, and Reiki Master, Kristel founded Live Greatly to share her findings on how best to achieve optimal health in mind, body, & spirit to attain success. She is a believer that mindset is everything, and strives to push past the boundaries of fear to live life fully from a place of love and joy. Learn more at Follow Live Greatly on Instagram and Twitter at livegreatly_co and on facebook --- Support this podcast: