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Live Greatly

Dec 21, 2020

It's all about being surrounded by good people doing really interesting things!  Pankaj Shah shares his journey of entrepreneurship and the life lessons learned along the way.  Kristel and Pankaj discuss everything from dealing with Imposter syndrome to a behind the scenes look at Investors receiving pitches, and whether it really is how it looks on the TV show Shark Tank!  They discuss the power of community, connection, and developing healthy self-care practices.. 

Pankaj Shah is a serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and the founder and CEO of Finches, a global collective of thought leaders in early stage technology.  Pankaj is an investor in dozens of companies, an advisor to eight venture capital firms and he collaborates regularly with the NBA. Pankaj is passionate about incubating ideas, building communities and helping scale consumer brands in the sports, media and  entertainment sectors.  He recently founded Sparrows, a platform to humanize people’s professional lives, Pacecar and a soon-to-be announced gin company. His current philanthropic focus is with the Angiogenesis Foundation and Hilaroo.  Pankaj is also an advocate for Every Mother Counts, Virgin Unite and Witness.   Pankaj has been a guest speaker at a number of top schools, including Columbia University, Harvard University, New York University, & Stanford University.

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Kristel Bauer PA-C is a wellness expert, female entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Founder of Live Greatly, and Podcast Host sharing a unique and inspiring message with the world.  As an Integrative Medicine Fellow, Physician Assistant, and Reiki Master, Kristel founded Live Greatly to share her findings on how best to achieve optimal health in mind, body, & spirit to attain success. She is a believer that mindset is everything, and strives to push past the boundaries of fear to live life fully from a place of love and joy.

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