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Live Greatly

Nov 15, 2022

Are you looking to boost creativity and get inspired? In this Live Greatly Podcast episode Kristel Bauer sat down with Paige Mycoskie, Founder and President of the 1970’s inspired California lifestyle brand, Aviator Nation, for a behind the scenes look into how Aviator Nation got started, how Paige boosts creativity, her unique take on company culture as well as how she manages stress and finds inner balance. Tune in now!

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • A look into how Aviator Nation got started
  • How Paige went from working at a surf shop to being the founder of Aviator Nation
  • What Paige does do to boost creativity
  • A look into Paige's leadership style
  • How Paige finds inner balance and manages stress
  • Why Aviator Nation's clothes are made in America
  • Fun things in the works for Aviator Nation

About Paige Mycoskie:


Paige Mycoskie is an American artist, fashion designer, and businesswoman, best known as the founder and owner of the 70’s-inspired California lifestyle brand, Aviator Nation.  Paige was named GQ Magazines Designer of the Year, one of LA Business Journals Top Bosses Under 30 and was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the United State’s most successful female founders.

Born in Texas, and an avid athlete, she was a state Volleyball champion, and on the Arizona State University Water Ski Team all while attending the Walter Cronkite School for Journalism.  Paige began her career at Shape Magazine and shifted focus to freelance photography, video, graphic design, and branding. She developed successful campaigns in branding and commercials, including TOMS Shoes.  Paige then decided to create her own clothing line - sewing, dying, and designing each piece herself.  

Her beloved brand, Aviator Nation, was established in 2006 with the focus to create quality Made in America clothing.  Another goal for Paige was to connect fashion with music while raising funds for charities and generating an awareness of our collective consciousness.  Today Aviator Nation is a multi-million dollar business with 16 store locations across the US – including event space Dreamland in Malibu and wellness studio, RIDE, in Santa Monica - and a factory in downtown Los Angeles that employs over 300 people.  The garments are still Made in America after 15 years and Paige continues to inspire other companies to push the limits on manufacturing local.  With a passion for philanthropy, she has worked with a variety of nonprofits including Charity Water; Surf Aid; Heal the Bay; The Flatwater Foundation; and Global Citizen with proceeds aiding in their ongoing campaign to end poverty. The brand also has partnerships with SXSW, Austin City Limits Music Festival; Lollapalooza Music Festival; and with John Mayer’s previous concert tours.


Instagram: @aviatornation




About the Host of the Live Greatly podcast, Kristel Bauer:

Kristel, the Founder of Live Greatly, is on a mission to help people thrive personally and professionally. Kristel is a corporate wellness expert, Integrative Medicine Fellow, Top Keynote Speaker, TEDx speaker & contributing writer for Entrepreneur. 

Kristel brings her expertise & extensive experience in Corporate Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mindset, Resilience, Self-Care, and Stress Management to in-person and virtual events as Professional Keynote Speaker.  If you are looking for a female motivational speaker to inspire and empower your audience to reclaim their well-being, inner motivation and happiness, Kristel’s message will leave a lasting impression. Kristel would be happy to discuss partnering with you to make your next event one to remember! Speaking Topics can be tailored to fit the needs of your group.

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